How to troubleshoot if Norton Unable to Activate

Norton is a famous security program known for its excellent malware protection tools and internet security services. Norton antivirus plans are available for Windows, Mac, and smartphones. You can easily download and install Norton antivirus on your every device. Check the specifications of your device and install a compatible Norton plan on your device. Many people reported that they are getting Unable to Activate error while installing Norton antivirus. This error appears when you are entering the wrong key. You can also get this error while you are inserting a used key for Norton activation. But you can also get this error due to other reasons. Whenever you get this error, you can either send an email invitation for installing a Norton product or you can also download the Norton setup from Norton account.

Send an email invitation for Norton product installation

Close all the programs and open the web browser
Go to Norton website
Click on Sign In button
Tap the Download button
Tap on Install on another device option.

Now enter the email address on which you want to send the link. Now open the device in which you want to install the Norton antivirus. Open the email account and click on the email you have received from Norton. You will get a link inside the email. Click on the link to install the setup on your device. Follow the on-screen wizards for completing the installation process. In case the link is expired then contact the person and ask him to send the link again. Then click on the Install Norton option. An End User License Agreement page will appear on the screen. Read the license and then click on Agree and download button. Follow the on-screen commands and Norton will get downloaded and installed on your device automatically.

Downloading Norton product from your Norton account

Open your device in which you want to install the product
Open web browser
Search for Norton antivirus
Click on Sign In
Log in to your Norton account

In case you forget your Norton account then click on Reset your Norton account password option and reset the password via your email address or phone number. If you see “Action Required: Save your order online” message then follow then sign in to Norton and go to My Subscription tab. Choose the product you want to download and then click on the Download button. Now click on Install on the device pop-up and hit the Agree and Download button. Follow the on-screen wizards for completing Norton installation.

If you are still facing Norton activation error then seek other solutions. If you have purchased your Norton renew key from a retail store then follow the given commands for key activation:

Click on Norton icon from the desktop
Norton dashboard will appear on the screen
Click on My Norton window
Tap the Device Security
Click on Open button
For renewing your subscription, click on Help button from Account information
Tap on Enter product key option
Now enter the key carefully

Press the activate button. If you are getting Unable to Activate error then recheck the key. People often get confused between 1/l, i/e, s/5, i/l, b/d, O/0, etc. Re-Enter the code and press the Activate button. If you are still getting the same error then contact the Norton team for help. If you continuously enter the wrong key multiple times then your Norton account will get blocked.

Some people also get the activation on installation error when they are installing an incompatible Norton plan. Like all the programs, Norton setup has few resource requirements. You can only install the Norton setup on your device when your device is providing all the required specifications. Whenever you get the error message on the screen while installation; immediately check the requirements and install a compatible Norton plan.
If your device is running on low space then also you can get this kind of error. Check the free disk space on your PC. If the space is low then you should remove the unnecessary files and programs on your device. For removing the junk from your device, use the Windows cleanup tool. Follow the given steps for removing junk from Windows PC:

Close all the programs
Click on the Start button
Type command on the search bar
Hold Ctrl and Shift keys
Press the Enter button
A permission prompt will be displayed
Click on Yes button
Windows command screen will appear
Type cleanmgr on the command prompt

Press the Enter button. Windows clean manager window will appear on the screen. Now check all the items available on the list. Check the boxes which you want to remove from your device. Check the temporary files option. Press the OK button and remove all the junk files. Now restart your computer and again try to install Norton antivirus on your computer. If you are still facing the norton error 3048 3 then ask the Norton team for help.